The Health and Human Services Agency Department of Operations Center maintains contact with all of its PODís. When the Health Officer has issued the ďOK to closeĒ order your POD will

  1. Close all of itís doors
  2. Help whatever patients remain in the facility
  3. Start breaking down the POD

The Health and Human Services Agency will send a representative to collect any unused medications, supplies, and all paperwork. Please have these items neatly stacked and ready to load in the center of the room.

Each facility needs to be returned to the state it was in when the Health and Human Services Agency opened the POD. This includes sweeping the floors, wiping down tables, removing any tape on the floors, and general straightening up.

When the POD is authorized to close, all staff are expected to help with the following:

  • Return any unused materials for inventory
  • Collect all paperwork
  • Help survey and clean the facility
  • Participate in Debrief
  • Turn in your ID Badge and Vest
  • REMEMBER to Sign-In and Sign-Out

Once the facility is ready, all staff will meet in one area and everyone will be given a chance to voice what they thought worked well and what didnít. This is called a Hotwash or Debrief. Please make sure to participate in the hotwash so that the Health and Human Services Agency knows how to make this POD function smoother in the future. All responses will be documented.

Before you leave make sure to return your ID badge and vest and sign the sign out sheet. The Health and Human Services Agency is responsible for you while you are signed in, always remember to sign in upon arrival to the POD and sign out upon your departure from the POD.