POD Command Staff

Created by Yolo County

A Point of Dispensing (also know as a POD) is a location that the County Health and Human Services Agency can activate in an emergency to distribute medications to the entire population of the County. The "Gold Standard" for this task is to provide medications to the County population in 48 hours.

The Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency has developed this on-line training class for you to learn how to play a key Management role in this process. For a POD to function properly many people will need to be able to work together efficiently. This Class will introduce you to the responsibilities and functions of the different Command staff members. This class will also touch on some managerial best practices that will be very effective in running a POD.

To take the class simply click on the Yellow Take this Class link. When you are completed with a screen click the Next button. If you need to go back to the previous screen click the back button. At the end of each class is a test. Please fill in your contact information and answers to the test questions. After your test is graded you will receive a certificate of completion via e-mail.